Wscripted is a talent discovery marketplace for content written by women*. Wscripted facilitates the discovery and hiring of women writers by decision-makers in the entertainment and literary industries worldwide. Wscripted aims to bridge the gap between storytellers and industry professionals by offering a secure platform for women writers to showcase their literary works available for option in different languages and to curate excellent content submissions for Film, TV and Publishing worldwide.

Our mission is to increase the number of produced films, TV series, and other literary works written by women; expand the talent pool of women writers and discover women talent in underrepresented communities and countries; reshape the rules of storytelling by normalizing stories from the points of view of women; and expand financing opportunities for content created by women.

Wscripted was launched during the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival and was seen in Variety, Screen Daily, IMDb, No Film School and Women and Hollywood. Wscripted published its Inaugural Cannes Screenplay List, highlighting 25 vetted, female-written screenplays available for option or financing during the 2021 Cannes Film Market.

*We define “women” to include cis-women, transwomen, non-binary and gender nonconforming people, who have been marginalized by the cis-heterosexual society.